my expectation of any partner I support as a homemaker and/or as a submissive woman

There is a man in my life, just a friend, whom I let boss me around. I’ll explain this in more detail in another post, but he is helping me test two things: 1. How much I like being “put in my place” as a woman, and 2. How much I’d enjoy working as a homemaker.

This is all in good fun, and at the same time extremely serious exploration of our psyches.

So he directed me to clean his house today. I replied that I’d happily do it tomorrow, because I’m being interviewed by a feminist punk rock podcast tonight and need to prepare. I think he was joking, but he said he wasn’t happy that I wouldn’t drop that plan to follow his request. He said he thought I liked being bossed around.

So far we’ve established since we started this experiment that I do like being bossed around by someone I allow it from—provided the expectations placed on me are those placed on women by a patriarchal society. And I have done housework for him. Didn’t particularly enjoy the housework itself, but I was correct in my hypothesis that I enjoy showing love in this way (see my post “I’d rather be a homemaker“).

I insisted I’d happily follow his request tomorrow rather than today; that I’d permit no further debate on the matter.

More importantly, I declared that I expect any person I support as a homemaker and/or a submissive woman to support and accommodate my goals.

He fully and proudly understood and gave the requested support; helped me prepare for my interview.

Submission is conditional.

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